A family enterprise, CONTROL + CHAOS is a passion project — the shared venture of a beauty industry veteran, design visionary and a project management impresario — whose mutual ambition was to build a brand that celebrated style and circumstance; the unexpected twists and turns of life and our attempts to take control when faced with chaos. 

A slow-burning desire, the team each enjoyed long careers in their varied arenas before feeling ready to realise their dream of creating a brand of their own and, given their shared interests and sympathetic strengths, home fragrance was the stage that best suited their talents. 

Combining a profound understanding of the beauty space, an incredible portfolio of design accolades and the operational nous to control any unforeseen chaos, the team are impeccably placed to distill their unique expertise into something uniquely desirable.

Our Team


A beauty buyer with an impressive legacy of brand-building, Stacia’s ability to spot the next ‘big’ thing is unrivalled. 

Having nurtured some of the beauty world’s best-known names throughout her impressive tenure as Cult Beauty’s Buying Director, she has “smelled more candles than she’s had hot dinners”, which meant she was perfectly primed to create something quirkily cool.


A self-confessed ‘control freak’, Spencer has worked in the property space for the last 38 years, bringing his keen eye for detail to spreadsheets… and everything else.

The trio’s cheekily nominated ‘Chief Control Officer’, Spencer dots the ‘i’s’ and checks the ‘t’s’ are neatly crossed, while bringing his self-deprecating humour to proceedings. 


Interior design and property development extraordinaire, Darren has an esteemed reputation for realising some of the art-and-music world’s most aspirational renovation projects.

A sourcing specialist who’s rarely happier than when he’s hunting for the perfect objet d’art, he’s turned his detail-orientated talents to devising the brand’s elevated aesthetic. As Creative Director, the stunning visuals are due to his inimitable ideation — as well as his ability to recognise the best emerging talent in the worlds of art and architecture.